Since there are cultural expressions, artists search for symbols. When words are insufficient, pictures start. Khomski works in this tradition. His paintings explore relationships between consumerism and mass production, fresh food and fast food, pop art and religion.

In the latest works, symbols are made of food. Intriguing, surprising and in a way, logical. The man became man thanks to Eve's apple. The orb is the apple of power. Food and vegetables in particular stand for fertility and vitality. The Horn of Plenty is filled with fruit, the grape bunch is the symbol for the Last Supper.

Maybe Khomski prepares a last supper for each religion. Or, perhaps it is an expression of irony. Or the everlasting circle of life. Or a message to everyone which says: enjoy healthy symbols but don't die for a cross or a half moon; but eat them and celebrate the life. Don’t idolize the Material Values. Be careful changing the Nature. Don’t make a Golden Calf out of Your House, Car or Food. Consume them, don’t worship them. As The famous Czech author Yaroslav Gashek said: “People, be vigilant!” Khomski studied the old masters profoundly. He translates their ideas to images of the 21st century in which the observer defines the spiritual content of symbols.


  • 2012 Red Dot Art Fair, Miami, FL
  • 2009 Group Show, Russian Museum of Modern Art, Jersey City, NJ
  • 2006 Corporate Canvases Art Gallery, Willmington, NC
  • 2004 Sterling College, Craftsbury Common, VT
  • 2002 Gallery “Z”, Providence, RI
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  • 2000 Renaissance Gallery, Woodstock, VT
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  • 1992 Group Show Limner Gallery, New York, NY
  • 1991 Zola Fine Arts, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1990 Gallery Doll, Kotzting, Germany
  • 1989 Fall Exhibition at the Malaya Gruzinskaya Gorcom Gallery, Moscow, Russia
  • 1989 “Russian Avantgarde. Bonn-Moscow”, Bonn, Germany
  • 1988 Spring and Fall Exhibitions at the Kuznetsky Most Gallery, Moscow, Russia

Selected Collections:

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